Anuradapura is situated 201 km away from Colombo and can be reached via via A28 and Anuradhapura-Padeniya Highway/A28
Anuradhapura was built the first capital of Sri Lanka by King Pandukabaya in the 4th century BC & it so remained until 11th century AD consider as the longest serving capitals,famous in ancient & morden times.It is situated along a river bank which is popular for the admirable ancient ruins & deep rooted Buddhist culture and also it is a wonderful picturesque city.Anuradhapura consider as one of the eight historical heritage sites in Sri Lanka.There are many attractions to visit in Anuradhapura from ancient trees such as Sri Maha Bodhi,the oldest tree in the world, ancient monasteries & ruins of historical significance.

Things to do

Visit Atamasthana

Atamasthana ( the 8 sacred sites ) are considered the most important places that a Buddhist pilgrim must visit in Anuradhapura. These are the main sites in Anuradhapura that Buddha visited during his 3 visits to Sri Lanka. They are


    • Sri Maha Bodhi
    • Ruwanweliseya
    • Thuparamaya
    • Lovamahapaya
    • Abhayagiriya
    • Jetavanaramaya
    • Mirisavetiya
    • Lankaramaya


Located 11 km East of the sacred city of Anuradhapura is referred by many as the “cradle of Buddhism” in Sri Lanka, as this is the very place where nearly 2,350 years ago, the great disciple of Lord Buddha, Arahath Mahinda Thero preached the Buddhist doctorine to the King “Dewanampiyatissa” of Sri Lanka. From then on the “mountain of Mahinda” is identified throughout the ages as a great monastic city for Buddhism.

A flight of stairs consisting of 1840 steps will carry you to the summit of this sacred mountain with a breath taking site of the surrounding area on offer once on top.

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