It is an incredible experience to enjoy scenic train rides in Sri Lanka. This epic train ride begins in the city of Colombo and spreads to destinations around the Island. The most popular train route is from Kandy to Ella (Vise Versa) which takes you through a lush mountainous terrain with tea plantations as far as the eye can see.

How we do?

We do book train tickets (seat reservation) in-advance for you and one of our representative will hand over the tickets to you at the railway station or we could handover them to the hotel you are staying.

We will inform you the train time and all other details via email or telephone.

Once you submit your details we will get touch with you regarding the reservation So that the ticket can be handed over to you smoothly.

Special Remarks

We always strive to secure the best seats in the train, but if these are not available 2nd or 3rd Class tickets will be booked instead.

Please be aware that train tickets in Sri Lanka can only be booked 30 days before train departure and are therefore subject to availability.

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