How to reach

Kalpitiya  situated  in the North Western Province of Sri Lanka, it is consist of14 islands and its about 140km from Bandaranayake International Airport.

 Kalpitiya Beach, situated in the far northern end. The beach is a long sandy spit, which can be easily proceed from the Kalpitiya lagoon bya boat. . To get marvelous experience about  dolphins and the rare Sperm Whales then you should visit Kalpitiya Beach during the months of December to mid- April is the time when the whales can be spotted in the water.


Things to do

This area famous for watersports and dolphin and whale watching. During the dry months, preferably between October to May is best time for visit Kalpitiya. It is a great time for water sports including kayaking, snorkeling windsurfing and canoeing etc

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