Yala National Park

How to reach

Yala National Park is situated between Sothern & Uva Provinces of Sri Lanka and 273km away from Colombo. And can be reached via Colombo – Galle – Hambantota – Wellawaya Hwy/A2 and Tissa – Kirinde Rd to Kirinda – Palatupana – Yala Rd/B499


Yala National Park is one of the earliest wild sanctuaries & second largest park of the country.It is golden opportunity to see Sri Lanka’s broad variety of wildlife naturally and it is home to a number of exotic flora and fauna.There are thousands of migrant birds arrive to escape the winter in the northern hemisphere during the period of October to March.The largest breed of leopards are found in this area.During January to July is the best period for enjoying the sights of leopards.Wild elephants can see the year round specially in the dry season from  May to August they are seen in herds around the waterholes.There are two prominent pilgrim sites are also located within the park. The some of threatened species is here such as sloth bear,leopard,elephant,wild boar,water buffalo,spotted deer,sambar & golden jackal.

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